What we do

amplify5 has a proven ability of outsourcing all types of customer interactions from the UK to South Africa.  Whether you need to improve customer satisfaction and retention, drive greater sales or maintain profitability by reducing costs, we can design and implement a solution to suit your specific needs.  

By relocating certain roles it allows a renewed focus to take place on your core product or service.  With our flexibility and no setup costs, we open this remarkable opportunity up to businesses of all sizes, ranging from SMEs to multi-nationals.

What we do

Inbound Customer Contact

  • Voice and Webchat
  • Sales assistance
  • Customer acquisition
    and retention
  • Customer service
  • Billing and payments

Administration, Back Office Services 


  • E-mail correspondence
  • Commerical assistance
  • Order processing
  • Inventory management
  • Scheduling, forecasting and resource planning

Finance, Accounting and Payroll 

  • Payroll help desk
  • Payroll administration
  • Accounts receivable /payable
  • Financial reporting
  • Travel and Expense
  • Benefit administration

Specialist Contact Services 

  • Complaint management
  • Claims handling
  • Inbound payment, outbound collections services
  • Social media; customer
    response and tracking

Reporting, Analytics and Insight 


  • Dashboards
  • Voice of Customer reporting
  • Exception reporting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech analytics

How we work

Our collaborative process delivers a complete solution that will make a difference for your business.

1. Map

Work together to understand the business process and IT landscape


Produce options for service delivery, with rapid and flexible deployment

3. Deliver

End to end operational change with high focus on quality and service

4. Monitor

Maintain service delivery with associated insights and data reporting

5. Improve

Constant review of processes and data to deliver ongoing efficiencies

South Africa: Destination of Choice


Similar working hours to UK

culture and training


Empathy works well
with customers

Language and Accent

Understood by UK customers

Attractive Location

Desirable for your
team to visit

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Proven increase in Net Promoter Score