Why outsourcing?

Outsourcing equals remotely delivered service excellence

Outsourcing can help successful businesses of any size grow – we all know about the big companies.  At amplify5 we believe that no matter the size of the business, they should have access to the same skills and experience, whether that’s handling customer service queries, managing complaints, delivering sales, or dealing with back-office administration – we can help!

Why companies consider outsourcing?

There are many reasons why companies look at outsourcing key functions, such as:

  • To deliver growth – the expense, space, and time to build an in-house team can slow growth
  • To retain flexibility – not every business needs the same headcount all-year round
  • To access expertise – managing customer contacts is not a core competency in the business
  • To improve performance – productivity and efficiency can be hard to deliver with an in-house team
  • To lower costs – outsourcing can deliver great business value

The outsourcing challenge

No matter the size of business, there are some typical pain points for businesses that consider outsourcing, for example:

  • Large expenditure to set-up, affecting cash-flow
  • Lack of quality operations for smaller scale operations and businesses
  • Long contracts remove flexibility and clients’ control
  • Lack of transparency, hiding true performance
  • Loss of control, due to lack of communication
  • Threat to security of customer data

How are amplify5 different?

We fully understand the benefits and challenges of outsourcing, that’s the experience we can bring to your business, it’s also why amplify5 is different …

  • No set-up costs( and no hidden costs!)
  • No long-term contracts
  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Experienced team in South Africa and the UK
  • A truly collaborative approach

All of the above principles allow you to create an extension of your team in Cape Town, South Africa meaning you stay in control, have a flexible solution and access to expertise and innovation, whilst delivering sustainable value to your business.