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Smooth Sailing with Offshoring: The Top Demands of Today’s Clients

Will Clowes – Chief Growth Officer

What I’m hearing…

When talking to prospective and current clients, it is interesting how fast certain trends appear across the majority of conversations. The discussions I have are with individuals across various role types, in a wide scope of sectors, with a range of business sizes and geographies in which they are located. However, regardless of this, many key points are raised as issues of the current time.


Following years of uncertainty during the pandemic, I see a desire from businesses and operators, of seeking stability for the present time and several years ahead. There is almost an ‘impatience’ on instability due to the workload that the pandemic created in terms of change and maintaining performance levels. If a client can work with a partner who can display this stability both in the present day and show the future path that increases this stability further, that is welcomed. At amplify5, our recent property expansion is an example of this, where we have likely invested per FTE more than any other offshoring company in Cape Town. This, in turn, creates a strong attraction for colleagues, allowing further scale, and at the same time contributing to high retention levels.


It is not simply enough to promise or show shiny sales presentations. Clients are clued up on the difference between virtual and reality. By opening up an operation that can be viewed by clients, this is a way to show credibility. This must be done in an authentic manner though. If ‘cherry picking’ the best parts only, this will be rumbled by an experienced or especially curious buyer. If your operation is strong, you should be able to give full access to all areas of it (data security dependent) without the need to direct, steer or chaperone a client. At amplify5 we encourage this with visiting clients and it helps to show that everything promised on earlier calls and meetings, does exist and works as described.


Clients want guidance on the best ways of offshoring but do not want a partner who is rigid in their approach. This is one of the core principles of amplify5 and our definition of the difference between outsourcing and offshoring. Operators within a business now want to be able to react rapidly to changes, and that means their partner must mirror these reaction times. By removing many common elements of red tape that are often found in our industry, such as change control requests, or management quoting contract terms, clients are able to have their requests fulfilled in minimal time.


The times of having an operation running where only the outcomes are looked at are fast disappearing. Clients now look for a partner who can mirror their values and ways of working, across multiple areas. This could be the cultural values of their organisation, the quality of office location and fit-out, the career progression opportunities shown and acted upon by colleagues, the technology and data security protocols in place, or many other facets. This is an area where particularly interesting conversations take place and can be a good barometer of a client and partner fit. The strength of relationships with a number of our amplify5 clients is certainly built upon the foundation of this mirroring principle.

Will Clowes – Chief Growth Officer

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