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Growing again? Outsourcing can provide the answer

There is no doubt that the last couple of years has been difficult for individuals and businesses, but with light at the end of the tunnel, many businesses are now faced with the challenge of attracting and holding onto new members of their team. Much has been written about skills shortages and the difficulty in finding the right people to help businesses grow and prosper, building back the lost time.


It is not only the difficulty in finding the right skills, but the costs of attracting and retaining them – research suggests a wide range of costs from a few hundred pounds to over £10,000 – but it is not just the cost of attraction, but the associated time, loss of productivity that all need to be considered. The actual cost of employment is increasing as well, with National Insurance due to raise very soon. Added to this the potential workforce is re-evaluating post-pandemic life with pay not the attraction and retention lever it previously was. Creating meaningful packages that ensures long-term commitment from new employees – all adds to the challenge that business have in growing again.


Many operations are having to re-consider how they deliver great service and build on the solid foundations they already have, ensuring they can grow their business, but without any loss of quality service delivery, whilst balancing the cost of operation and keeping it simple!


Outsourcing can provide the answer to these challenges by giving the opportunity to build an extension of your team in Cape Town, South Africa. At amplify5 we have a passion to become an extension of our client’s team, working to provide an opportunity to grow, whilst delivering great service and value. We are proudly working with a number of clients, where we are part of the overall operation, working as a single team to provide customer service, sales, or administration functions.


Having access to a large highly skilled workforce, allows us to ensure we can match our client’s requirements, whether that’s in the retail, energy or the telecoms sector to name a few. Additionally, the majority of our teams have previously worked with UK based brands, so understand customer requirements. Our ways of working and intentional culture mean that we are able to retain our teams, allowing our clients to truly integrate their teams, providing growth, not only to the business but also to the individuals involved!


Our straightforward approach, collaborative ways of working and experience across our teams in the UK and South Africa, can provide a safe pair of hands for any business. We can provide the flexibility and allow you the control to make the most of your overseas team. Whether your businesses challenge is around the corner or right in front of you now, we can help by building an extension of your team, enhancing customer experience, lowering costs and allowing your business to deliver and grow! With no set-up costs or long-term contracts, we are removing more barriers for businesses to access our services, if you want to find out more information, please contact me or visit for more information.



Written by guest writer Keith Andrews.